Supportive services such as counseling, crisis prevention, case management, and advocacy for individuals affected by trafficking, or at high risk of being trafficked.

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An anti-trafficking organization

Our mission

To provide children and adults who have been trafficked, and those at high risk of being trafficked, with preventive and supportive services, resources, and recovery, empowering them with renewed hope, self-worth, and dignity.

Our vision

Every individual that is, has been, and could be affected by trafficking has a safe place to go for any need they have.

Our Values

These values mold the foundation of Extended Hands of Hope. We do our best to embody these values in every action we take, ensuring that each client's care is in the best hands.


We cultivate a diverse, judgement-free atmosphere in which everyone is understood and has a voice.


The support that we offer is meant to assist individuals in reclaiming their lives, no matter how tough the circumstances.


We walk with our clients every step of the way and provide them with the necessary tools on their journey to a happier and healthier life.

Our Programs

This is where we make our impact. Through the work of these programs, we are able to assist the individuals in need with services that can change their lives.

Community Counseling

Providing trauma integrated mental health care to individuals who have been or are at high risk for trafficking and exploitation. Our preventative and supportive mental health services focus on the complex needs of this dynamic population through specialized care focusing on regaining agency, renewed hope, self-worth and dignity.

Community Advocacy

Highly specialized preventative and restorative services provided by experts in trafficking and child welfare. Our Community Advocates walk beside clients, offering support and guidance in their recovery journeys, providing case management, restorative practices, family intervention, and life skills. From the mundane to the complex, our team assist and empowers individuals and their families with the tools and resources to reclaim their lives.

Extended Community Mentoring

We know that recovering from complex trauma is a long road. In partnership with our Community Advocacy Program, Carriers of Hope provides specialized mentor matches between trained community members and clients ready to take the next step in their recovery journey. Our Carriers of Hope Program assures that individuals always have a support system.

How you can help

The more resources we have, the better we can support the affected individuals in our community. There are so many ways that you can help our cause.


Any amount counts. Being there for the affected individuals in your community is what invokes true change.


Looking to apply your skills to combatting trafficking with us? We'd love to discuss how you can help! Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Educate yourself

A great place to start is learning. Equip yourself with the knowledge that can help combat trafficking and potentially save peoples' lives. Find more information on trafficking here.

Spread the word

What would it look like if everyone in the airport knew exactly how to spot and report individuals potentially being trafficked or the traffickers themselves? This is possible through spreading the word.